Welcome to my blog

Originally, I wrote this blog while mobilized in support of an Overseas Contingency Operation. As such, I could not be as forth coming with whom I was with or exactly where I was. Basically, the names and places were changed to protect the innocent.

I hoped this blog would help me get through some of the strangeness and separation I was going through, being thousands of miles from home. I also hoped it would help me remember the times I was there, both the good and the bad, so I could take the joy in the good and learn from the bad.

It was also an attempt to share with my family and friends back home. Let them know how I was feeling and to let me know how they were feeling.

I don’t know if it accomplished any of that, but I hope it did something.

As with all things, change happens. Life makes adjustments to fit its new surroundings. People make choices and, hopefully, grow and change into better or at least different people. I’ve tried to do the same with my blog. I recently revamped the layout a bit. There are new pages and the intention is to continue to add new and more varied content. I want to get back to putting out some of my thoughts and opinions as my life goes through new changes. The reviews of books has helped me keep up the blog and I enjoy writing them. Additionally, I want to add more creative content in the form of fiction I’ve created.

For those of you who have been here, I hope you like the new look. Comment and let me know either way. If you are new to my blog, explore. I hope you find something you find worthwhile.

So here is a little breakdown of what you’ll find…


I am an avid reader. Usually reading at least two books at any given time. Writing reviews of those books, both fiction and non-fiction, helps to focus what I’ve read and process the story or information. Also, I enjoy looking at what others have written about books I want to read and have read. Reviews, whether you agree with them or not, help you to solidify and refine your opinions. Writing these reviews will help me to hone my analytical and critical skills and keeps my understanding fresh.


We all know what they say about opinions, “everybody’s got one”. These pages will share some of mine. You may not agree with them. Frankly, I hope you don’t, otherwise where’s the fun. There will be no real rhyme or reason to the topics. Whatever is interesting to me or bothering me or especially annoying me at the time is fair game.


At one point in my life – many, many years ago – I actually trained to be a writer. I tried to write my first book at the age of eight. It was one long paragraph and the structure was horrible. The concept was somewhat derivative but I thought the setting was kind of neat. My present job requires that I write, edit and proofread a lot. Primarily this consists of writing reports and briefings. Answering the questions of others but not my own. To help me get back in touch with my creative side I’m going to post some uncensored stories. Bits and pieces of stories. Either completed or parts of short stories and longer works.

That, basically, covers what you’ll find for now. But life is always moving, changing and throwing you curve balls. So, I’m reserving the right to make modifications as I see fit. Moving from one topic to another and rambling my way through life.