Welcome to Night City: 2013, the Distant Future

When I was a kid, role-playing games like D&D were at the height of their popularity. Video games were still in their infancy, with only slightly better than 8-bit graphics on the best of systems. Into this target rich environment of 1988, R. Talsorian Games, Inc. introduced Cyberpunk 2013. In addition to their style, tone, and bleak outlook, there is another aspect all of these stories have in common, time. Each is set in an increasingly distant near future. I think these visionaries were too pessimistic in their estimates.

Conscience of the King; Fortune Favor the Fool

It’s that time of year again. That’s right everyone it's award season again. It is also that other time of the year. The time of the year when the number of angry rants from my more conservative friends - yes I actually do have a number of more conservative friends - increases exponentially.

Effects of Economic and Conflict Shift on U.S. Military Operations: What Future Conflict May Look Like

Two forces - the global economy and the nature of conflict changing and shifting - are the most likely aspects of ongoing change that will affect United States joint and multinational military operations. These changes will require the United States military to be a more dynamic and a more flexible force.

Talking Heads on the Television

I’ve noticed on the news there seems to be a lot of Analysts now. They’re not called correspondents or reporters or journalists but Analysts. Especially when they’re talking about “Security”, “Politics”, or “Economics”. How many people watching the news actually know what that term means I wonder. How many people understand what it takes to actually do analysis?

Running and Rewards

I hate running. It's not that I dislike running, I actively disdain and abhor it. You may think I'm exaggerating because Americans in general seems to dislike exercise. No. I hate it. I would rather do just about anything other than run. Even if I was being chased by a hungry lion that had a …

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Round and Round and Round and…

I've been looking over the few posts that I do have on this site and I've noticed a disturbing trend. Well the trend is disturbing to me. Now, to be fair, several of the posts are pretty good. I take my time and try to make a point. I have a bit of style and class. Not a lot, mind you, but a bit.


This month was my Father's birthday.  He would have been 70 this year. The only reason I realized it on the day itself was because of my phone. You see, apparently on someones birthday my phone displays a little birthday cake in the corner. I woke up, turned on the phone and there was the cake. …

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