Time Doth Run with Calm and Silent Foot

I’ve been experimenting with expanding my writing by creating videos as well as reviews. I hope you can take a moment and check out one I recently made. I will also be adding videos of the reviews I have done. I hope you enjoy.

It’s time to celebrate the beginning of the old year and the start of the new!

Is it though?

We all have certain preconceived notions. Concepts of what reality is like and what our place in it looks like. It’s hard for us sometimes to see that what we think is the natural order of things is just a convenient shortcut or bias we used to be able to make it through our day or even our year. Even the concept of time, or at least how we divide that time up, is simply just a human concept.

These biases and ways of looking at the world are useful and help us make sense of the amazingly complex universe around us. Sometimes though its good to take a step back and enjoy the more complex picture.

Or is it?

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