Over the Water and Out of the Woods; a review of Guerrilla Warfare Tactics In Urban Environments

Guerilla Warfare Tactics in Urban Environments questions one of the upcoming fundamental questions most practitioners of modern warfare want to discuss. The relationship between modern military tactics and an increasingly urban and littoral battlespace.

The Long Roomn at Trinity College,Dublin

My Review of The Reverse of the Medal

When authors or creators of long running franchises either run out of things to say or do with their properties there are a couple of courses of action they can take. The Reverse of the Medal is the eleventh book in the Aubrey Maturin saga. Just over half-way through the complete canon of twenty one books. Has the HMS Surprise finally jumped the shark with The Reverse of the Medal?

My review of Letter From Birmingham Jail, Notes on Nationalism, and The Vigilante

The United States is going through one of the most turbulent periods it has seen in decades. Levels of racism and anti-semitism that have been unheard of in 50 years. Our electorate and our electors displaying a sense of isolationism and nationalism unseen since before World War 2, if not going back to the late 19th century. With this in mind, I have taken a look at some classics in the English language. I wanted to see what can be learned by revisiting those times so similar to today. Times of stress and uncertainty. Moments that inspired some of the most influential and inspiring short pieces in literature.

My Review of The Spy Net: The Greatest Intelligence Operations of the First World War

November marks the centenary of the end of the First World War. Living in the United Kingdom, as I do at the moment, this is a significant event. The Spy Net by Henry Landau, would seem to help fill the gap. One would expect to find the stories of daring patriots risking life and limb to provide information to the Triple Entente to stop the plans of the vile Huns.

Review of Epitaph For a Spy

Epitaph For A Spy by Eric Ambler My rating: 4 of 5 stars I began my foray into the thriller genre back in the mid to late 1990’s. This trip began, like most people that began reading thrillers in the 90’s, with the venerable Tom Clancy and his seminal work Red Storm Rising. Oddly, one …

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Review: Hull Zero Three

Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear My rating: 3 of 5 stars Overall this was a fair book. The basic plot of "why do we exist" was well thought out and an interesting spin, if you'll excuse the pun you will come to understand if you read the book, on what makes a human. Unfortunately …

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