Review of The Secret Civil War

The Secret Civil WarThe Secret Civil War by John Reynolds Sawyer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Secret Civil War was an interesting read that helped fill in some of my gaps in the knowledge of the Civil War. It was, however, not without its flaws.

It could have done with another once over by a proofreader as I spotted a small number of typos or grammatical errors in the text. Not a significant amount but I personally found it distracting.

Additionally, the complete subject matter of the book was slightly misleading. The book is entitled The Secret Civil War and purports to be about spying during the Civil War. However a good third of the book is given over to recounting the exploits of partisans and rangers in the conflict. While this information was quite interesting and well told, I would have preferred a deeper insight and additional details of the clandestine nature of the conflict.

I can’t complain that much about the flaws in the book. It was, overall, a well written and quick read. The book also only cost me $1.99. At that price I’m willing to overlook the small number of proofread errors and the shift in context.

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